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The International Certificate for operators of pleasure craft (ICC) issued in accordance with Resolution No. 40 is recognized by more than 25 UN member States both within and outside the UNECE region. Responding to an increasing number of inquiries on Resolution No. 40, the recognition of ICCs and related issues, the Informal Working Group on recreational navigation was established in 2017, following the decision of the Working Party on Inland Water Transport (SC.3) at its sixtieth session.
The Informal Working Group consists of representatives of national Administrations and authorized bodies responsible for recreational navigation, boating associations, training centres for recreational boaters and as well as competent representatives of relevant international and public organizations. The activities of the Group focus on the scope of application of Resolution No. 40, the issue and recognition of the International Certificate for Operators of Pleasure Craft (ICC) and on European inland waterways. The tasks include establishing and maintaining a dialogue aimed at coordinating national policies related to issuing and recognition оf ICC, disseminating information about ICC at the international and national levels and making it more transparent, exchanging best practice in the field of training and certification of recreational boaters and providing recommendations for SC.3 on the promotion of recreational navigation and water tourism on inland waters. The working language of the Group is English.

For more information on the Informal Working Group on Recreational Navigation, please, contact the secretariat. See also: