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Where to navigate? The network of inland waterways in Europe and its parameters

The network of European inland waterways and ports of international importance (E waterways and ports) is identified in the European Agreement on Main Inland Waterways of International Importance (AGN), done in Geneva on 19 January 1996.
The Agreement is regularly updated to reflect the changes in the state of the network. See more information about contracting Parties to UN inland transport legal instruments.
The UNECE Inventory of Main Standards and Parameters of the Waterway Network (Blue Book) offers a continuously updated inventory of existing and envisaged standards and parameters of E-waterways and ports in Europe and shows, on an internationally comparable basis, the current inland navigation infrastructure parameters in Europe as compared to the minimum standards and parameters prescribed in the AGN Agreement.
The Blue Book also identifies bottlenecks and missing links in the existing E waterway network. Since 2012, the information from the Blue Book is available in the online Database of main standards and parameters of the E waterway network.
UNECE also maintains the maps of inland waterways both for commercial and recreational purpose. The Map of the European Inland Waterway Network, available in English, French and Russian, offers a general view of the existing classes of European inland waterways. It is issued every five years. An online interactive version of the AGN network including the Blue Book data is also available here
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The full list of the UNECE instruments dealing with the status and parameters of European network of Inland Waterways is available here.