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About the UNECE Working Party on Rail Transport (SC.2)

The Working Party on Rail Transport (SC.2) is an intergovernmental body which provides a pan-European forum for exchange of technical, legal and policy information and best practices in international rail transport.
The objective is to promote rail transport in UNECE member countries and to ensure its economic efficiency and environmental sustainability.
Since 1951, the Working Party, and its predecessors, have been involved in preparation of evidence-based policy advice and administered the UN legal instrument pertaining to minimum rail infrastructure standards in the pan-European region (AGC Agreement).  
SC.2 brings together rail transport experts from UNECE governments, the European Commission, intergovernmental organizations (OSJD, OTIF) and projects (e.g. TER), non-governmental organizations (CIT, CER, UIC, etc.) as well as invited researchers. Its structure and working procedures enable it to address newly emerging issues in a systematic manner.
The Working Party provides assistance to rail industry and transport policy makers in areas such as:
  • Pan-European rail infrastructure standards (AGC Agreement)
  • Development of a trans-European railway network (TER project)
  • Facilitation of border crossing in international rail transport
  • Operational aspects of international rail transport (infrastructure capacity, productivity, interoperability, new transport technologies, etc.)
  • Facilitation of container train traffic on Euro-Asian routes
  • Rail tunnel safety
  • Rail transport security
  • Passenger accessibility of rail transport
  • Environmental questions related to railways

Flyer presenting the Working Party on Rail Transport (SC.2) available in English: