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23rd Session

Group of Experts towards Unified Railway Law
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The date for this meeting remains to be confirmed.


ECE/TRANS/SC.2/GEURL/2021/1 - Agenda



ECE/TRANS/SC.2/GEURL/2021/2 - Report of the Group of Experts towards Unified Railway Law at its twenty-third session


Working Documents

ECE/TRANS/SC.2/GEURL/2021/3 - Convention on the contract for international carriage of goods by rail as a first Convention of a system of Unified Railway Law Conventions

Informal document SC.2/GEURL No.1 (2021) - Compilation of written inputs from experts

Informal document SC.2/GEURL No.2 (2021) - OTIF Secretariat’s considerations on the UNECE initiative on Unified Railway Law