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Working Documents 2000

2000/18 - (Sec) Informal meeting on Rail Transport (Geneva, 15 June 2000) - Report of the meeting
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2000/17 - (Sec) Draft Programme of Work for 2001-2005
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2000/16 - (Armenia, Bulgaria, Cz, Dk, Fi, D, Hu, Latvia, Lithuania, Macedonia, Nl, Sk, Sl, S and UK) Information on developments in various railway fields
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2000/16/Add.1 - (P. CH)
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2000/16/Add.2 - (Lux)
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2000/16/Add.4 - (N, Tu)
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2000/15 - (TER Project CO) Trans-European Railway (TER) Project. Progress report
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2000/13 - (Sec) Application of summer time
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2000/12 - (EC) Research programmes for Rail Transport. Rail transport projects funded under the European Commission's Growth Research Programme
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2000/11 - (Sec) Railways' practices and combined transport development
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2000/10 - (Sec) Traffic censuses in the ECE region
Draft Report of the Informal Working Group on Rail Census Methodologies (13-14 June 2000, Geneva)
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2000/9 - (Dk, Fi, P, Sk, Ro) Data collecting efforts on the AGC network. Total traffic on the AGC network in 1995
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2000/9/Add.1 - (N)
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2000/8 - (Sec) Extension of the AGC network to Central Asia and the Caucasus. Draft amendments to annex I of the AGC
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2000/7 - (Sec) (AGC) Updated version of Annex I of AGC
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2000/7/Add.1 - (Cz, Dk, Fi, Moldova and S)
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2000/6 - (Sec) Detailed monitoring system on border-crossing stopping times
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2000/5 - (Armenia, Bulgaria, Cz, Dk, Fi, D, Hu, Latvia, Lithuania, Macedonia, Nl, Sk, Sl, S and UK) Facilitation of Border Crossing in iternational rail transport. Annual monitoring on the progress made in the facilitation of border crossing in international rail transport
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2000/5/Add.1 - (P. CH)
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2000/5/Add.2 - (Lux)
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2000/5/Add.4 - (Estonia, N, Tu)
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2000/4 - (Sec) Facilitation of Border Crossing in International Rail Transport. Follow-up to the ITC resolution No. 248 on the Reduction of Border Stopping Times of Shuttle Trains in International Traffic
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2000/3 - (OSZhD) Productivity in Rail Transport
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2000/3/Add.1 - (UIC)
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2000/2 - (Sec) Determination of Railway Infrastructure Capacity including aspects related to the fee for the use of the Infrastructure
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2000/2/Add.1 - (Armenia, Bulgaria, Cz, Dk, Fi, D, Hu, Latvia, Lithuania, Macedonia, Nl, Sk, Sl, S and UK)
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2000/2/Add.2 - (P, CH)
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2000/2/Add.3 - (Lux)
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2000/2/Add.5 - (Estonia, N, Tu)
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2000/1 - (UIC) Relevance of Railways in the Transport Market
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