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Vehicle control

Please notice that this course may be benefited by officers either controlling vehicles at border offices or approving vehicles for transport under customs seal. The technical conditions on road vehicles and containers are critical for both tasks.

Course content
1. Procedures for approval of road vehicles/containers
2. Sealing of vehicles- Security and risks

Recommended resources:
1. Comparison between a TIR vehicle with sliding sheets and a standard vehicle with sliding sheets
2. Proceedings of the TIR Seminar on the construction of Customs secure vehicles for TIR operations (Helsinki, 2013)

Practical tools for approval of vehicles:
1. Approval report for sheeted vehicles DOC PDF  
2. Approval report for solid-siders DOC PDF  
3. Approval report for vehicles with sideboards and sliding sheets DOC PDF  
4. Approval report for vehicles with strap hooks and sliding sheets DOC PDF  
5. Approval report for tankers DOC PDF  
6. Approval report for vans DOC PDF  
7. Approval report for hydraulic ramps for loading and unloading DOC PDF