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Energy Efficiency 21 Project (EE21)

The Energy Efficiency 21 project is a region-wide project which aims to assist economies in transition to develop and promote sustainable energy policies, pursue energy efficiency strategies, reduce greenhouse gas emissions to meet international treaty obligations and enhance the security of energy supplies by producing the specific outputs from operational activities in the industry, housing and services, transport and energy sectors through national actions, bilaterally and multilaterally especially through the UNECE. EE21 project is an umbrella project under which the inter-regional, sub-regional and country-oriented projects are developed.
 The project is guided and monitored by a Steering Committee composed of delegates from national participating ministries and institutions, international organizations and donor agencies. The Steering Committee determines the activities, results, work methods, participation, procedures, budget, calendar of events and timetable of the project, and secures cooperation from other interested parties.