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Financing Energy Efficiency and Climate Change Mitigation: A Guide for Investors in Belarus, Bulgaria, Kazakhstan, the Russian Federation and Ukraine

Proceedings of the Seminar on Financing Energy Efficiency Investments. Energy Efficiency Investment Project Business Plans.
This guide is designed to facilitate the decision-making process leading to possible investments in energy and climate change mitigation in selected countries: Belarus, Bulgaria, Kazakhstan, the Russian Federation and Ukraine.

The book covers not only traditional ways of managing investments in this sector, but also future prospects related to Greenhouse gases Emissions Trading and Joint Implementation (JI). It primarily addresses readers within management and administrative decision-making in charge of district heating, municipal lighting, hospital heating and power supply, but also other energy related sectors with similar characteristics and needs, wanting to attract external capital to their projects.
By providing in-depth information on pilot activities carried out in several countries, it is designed to reduce some of the uncertainties of investment in this area.
The present United Nations guide has been prepared under UNECE’s Energy Efficiency 21 Project (EE21), to promote energy efficiency investments that meet the criteria of the UNFCCC Kyoto Protocol and for Joint Implementation (JI, AIJ) offers.
The ECE Energy Series No. 28
Sales Number: GV.E.04.0.11
ISBN: 92-1-101076-4