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Workshop on the Role of Utilities, Big Data and Geo-Spatial Data in Energy Transition

14 November 2018
Presentations ENG FRE RUS
Romanas Savickas, Global District Energy Cities Initiative:
Encouraging Energy Efficiency by the Help of Big Data Management and GIS tools
Stefan Doerig, Enersis: Digital Platform for territorial energy and
climate planning
Rob Geldhof, Overmorgen: Data-driven planning of geothermal district heating PDF    
Stephanie Favre: Geological information system for managing
Geothermal Project in Geneva
Alisa Freyre, Project Manager, SIG, Geneva: Planning and implementation
of energy transition projects with a use of geo-spatial data
Izmail Petrov, National Cleaner Production Center, Moscow     PDF
Matija Vajdic, Interring CENTRAL EUROPE Programme, Joint Secretariat:
Managing waste heat in Central Euope
Alexey Kalayda, DSO DTEK GRIDS Digital Transformation PDF    
Selin Yilmaz, Chair for Energy Efficiency, University of Geneva:
Spatio-temporal characterisation of electricity consumption: case of Switzerland