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Online Workshop on Real-Time Upstream Emissions of Electric Vehicles During Recharge

Joint event by the Group of Experts on Energy Efficiency and the Informal Working Group on Electric Vehicles and the Environment

27 May 2021 10:00 - 14:00


Electric vehicle fleet has significantly increased worldwide over the last decade, alongside expansion of charging infrastructure. Coupled with technology advances and supported by favourable regulatory and fiscal measures, uptake of electric vehicles is expected to only accelerate in the future.

Powered solely by electric motors, EVs have zero tailpipe emissions. Yet, EVs virtually emit carbon when being charged, as electricity has its greenhouse gas footprint. And despite most studies use average annual carbon content of the electricity mix to derive well-to-tank emissions from EVs, these may vary over time depending on multiple factors including the source of energy used for electricity production. A ‘well-to-wheel’ approach, considerate of time and location of EVs charging, is therefore thought to be expedient for assessing real environmental benefits of locally carbon-neutral EVs. Achievement of this target, however, is reliant on improved vehicle connectivity, real-time CO2-e content data reporting, and decision-making support for more economically rational and environmentally favourable EVs recharging options – all enabled by ICT and digitalization.

This workshop aims to assemble experts from the power generation and transmission side, and bring expertise from the ICT, recharging infrastructure, and vehicle sides. Through presentations and open discussion, it will help assess how digital technologies could enable more accurate measurement and reporting of real-time carbon emissions of electric vehicles. Due consideration will also be given to pathways for a balanced integration of electric mobility, to ensure overall net benefit to energy system and its actors.

Provisional Agenda and Timeline






Piyush Verma, Chair of the GEEE Task Force on Digitalization in Energy


Setting the scene: the need for monitoring upstream emissions of EVs

Thibaut Abergel, International Energy Agency


Grid side: real-time monitoring of electric mix and associated emissions

Russell Fowler, National Grid

Olivier Corradi,

Elliot Romano, University of Geneva


Recharging infrastructure side: tracking recharging emissions and communicating with EVs

Alejandro Checa, WallBox

11.15–11.45       Break


Recharging infrastructure side: tracking recharging emissions and communicating with EVs

Saki Gerassis Davite, DG MOVE, European Commission


Vehicle side: vehicle communication protocol to monitor recharging

Jonas Otterheim, OICA

Ben Schippers, TezLab app


Potential applications: for consumer/owner, for businesses, for legislator, and for energy companies

Zuzana Púčiková, UBER

Jacob Englander, CARB (recorded statement)

Stefan Doerig, Tiko


Group discussion and next steps:

Moderated by Alisa Freyre, Vice-Chair of GEEE
and François Cuenot, UNECE Secretariat



Aleksandar Dukovski, Chair of GEEE

Mike Olechiw, Chair of the EVE IWG


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