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Methane Mondays - 9th Meeting

05 June 2023 16:00 - 17:45


The ninth session of the UNECE and Ember’s Methane Mondays online series was titled: “Coal mining lifecycle from exploration through closure and repurposing. The value of real time monitoring from onsite measurements and remote sensing.” 

Methane Monday

The session focused on the role of monitoring, going beyond methane issues. It attempted to show how important, from the point of view of both: mine operations and the subsequent repurposing of post-mining areas, the issues related to monitoring of water, ground stability, and waste are.

Matters that were addressed in presentations included: 

  • Available tools for, and methods of monitoring;
  • Matters to pay attention to (methane, water, subsidence, waste;
  • Current practices and room for improvement;
  • Safety matters; and
  • Resource management and circularity (potential savings)

Plase visit also a website dedicated to Methane Mondays series where you will find information about other sessions, as well as the link to Methane Mondays Interviews.