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Task Force on Measuring Social Exclusion

Contact person: Ms. Vania Etropolska

The objective of the Task Force is to consolidate current and emerging good practices in measuring social exclusion and in assessing their potential for delivering comparable results.

    The Task Force will collect national practices on the following:
    • Concepts and frameworks for measuring social exclusion on the national level, including factors that lead to social exclusion, and groups of people facing social exclusion.
    • Indicators used for measuring social exclusion.
    • Measuring emerging aspects and forms of social exclusion resulting from recent developments in the society, e.g. digitalisation. 
    • Communicating measures of social exclusion. 

    The Task Force will compile a collection of good practices and analyse them. The analysis will aim at the following outputs:
    • Taxonomy of the use of different concepts related to social exclusion, including social cohesion, social inclusion, poverty and material deprivation.
    • Identification of good practices in the production, analysis and dissemination of social exclusion measures.
    • Demonstration of linkages to SDG indicators.

    Terms of reference (June 2018)
      In-depth review on measuring social exclusion (February 2018)
      More information