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Task Force on Exchange and Sharing of Economic Data

Contact person: Mr Rami Peltola and Ms Tihomira Dimova 


  • At the first stage (April 2017 – June 2018) the Task Force will analyse the concrete examples of data exchange implemented by NSOs that help statisticians to depict economic reality, profile MNEs and provide meaningful data on their activities. Through these concrete examples, the Task Force will identify enablers and obstacles of data sharing and review the practical requirements of data exchange.
  • At the second stage (July 2018 – June 2020), the Task Force will develop guidance, tools and principles to facilitate the exchange of economic data (including granular data and information on business structures) by NSOs. The guidance will also highlight innovative ways to exchange economic data to increase the quality, coherence and granularity of statistics and the ability to better analyse the activities of MNEs.
Terms of Reference (March 2017)
In-depth review (October 2016)
Progress report (February 2018)
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