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Steering Group on Measuring Quality of Employment

Contact person: Mr. Carsten Boldsen

  • Coordinate CES work in the area of measuring quality of employment and guide the work of the Secretariat in this area.
  • Promote the Handbook on Measuring Quality of Employment, follow-up on the implementation of the recommendations of the Handbook and collect feedback from countries on the use of the Handbook.
  • Review the list of indicators and context information based on country feedback and developments in methods and data sources and, where necessary, update the statistical framework to ensure its relevance and practical usability.
  • Identify priority areas for further work and research to support countries in measuring quality of employment.
  • Organise biennial expert group meetings on measuring quality of employment to follow up on the research agenda and the implementation of the statistical framework.
  • Facilitate the sharing of experiences, methods, statistical techniques and other resources related to measuring quality of employment, e.g. through wikis.
  • Ensure coordination and cooperation with other international organisations working in this area, in particular Eurostat, ILO and OECD.

Addendum 1 – January 2019
Terms of Reference (October 2018)
Handbook on measuring quality of employment (endorsed by the CES plenary session in 2015)

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