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Webinars on producing the CPI under lockdown

21 October - 11 November 2020
Webinar Geneva Switzerland


  Document Title Documentation Presentations
  Report PDF  
  Provisional programme PDF  
Webinar 1: Theoretical considerations, 21 October
  Measuring real consumption and CPI Bias under lockdown conditions. Kevin J. Fox, University of New South Wales, Australia PDF PDF
  Discussant: Bernhard goldhammer, European Central Bank   PDF
  Discussant: Peter Nilsson, Statistics Sweden   PDF
Webinar 2: Data collection, 28 October
  Collection in the time of Corona, Robert Cage and Ursula Oliver, Bureau of Labor Statistics, United States   PDF
  Discussant: Rui Evangelist, Eurostat   PDF
  Managing CPI price collection during and after the lockdown, Christopher Payne, ONS, United Kingdom   PDF
  Discussant: Heidi Ertl, Statistics Canada   PDF
  Collection of Vital Inflation Data. There and back again, Patrick Kelly, Statistics South Africa   PDF
  Discussant: Frederico Polidoro, ISTAT, Italy   PDF
  Background document: Strategy to produce the CPI under lockdown. INEGI, Mexico   PDF
  Background document: Price statistics: application of a new approach to data collection. Azerbaijan   PDF
Webinar 3: Imputations for missing observations, 4 November
  IWGPS continuity guidance for CPI. Carsten Boldsen, UNECE   PDF
  Discussant: Corrine Becker-Vermeulen, Statistics Switzerland   PDF
  Accounting for missing prices in CPI during and after lockdown, Mike Hardie, ONS, United Kingdom   PDF
  Discussant: Jens Mehrhoff, German Bundesbank   PDF
  Treatment for missing prices in the U.S. CPI due to COVID-19 pandemic. Rob Cage and Mark Bowman, BLS, United States   PDF
  Discussant: Claude Lamboray, Eurostat   PDF
  Background document: Consumer Price Index: Business Continuity Guidance. IWGPS PDF  
Webinar 4: Communication, 11 November 
  Importance of transparency and communication and the value of scanner data, Leigh Merrington, Australian Bureau of Statistics   PDF
  CPI in the time of Covid:Communication about the quality and computation of alternative indices. The French experience, Marie Leclair, INSEE, France   PDF
  Analysis of impact of re-weighting the CPI basket, Rakesh Kumar, National Statistical Office, India PDF PDF
  Producing supplementary analysis to assess the impact of lockdown on CPI, Helen Sands, ONS, United Kingdom   PDF