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Seminar on the Implementation of the UNECE Road Map for SDGs in EECCA Countries

21 - 22 June 2017
Palais des Nations Geneva Switzerland
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Documents Presentations
  Provisional Agenda PDF   PDF    
  Concept  Note PDF   PDF    
  Session 1 - Setting the scene          
  Global indicator framework for SDGs and latest developments: IAEG-SDGs and HLG- PCCB (UNECE)       PPT  
  UNECE activities on statistics for SDGs and Guidance from CES Road Map (UNECE)       PPT  
  Geospatial information to support measurement of SDGs (UNECE)       PPT  
  Work on SDG indicators in the CIS region (CIS-STAT)       PPT PPT
  Session 2 - National strategies and plans for measuring SDGs  
  Strengthening national mechanisms for coordination, collaboration and partnerships
  - Georgia       PPT  
  - Russian Federation       PPT PPT
  Communication with stakeholders, including policy makers    
  - Belarus         PPT
  Session 3 - National SDG indicators          
  Establishing national SDG indicators          
  - Republic of Moldova       PPT PPT
  - Ukraine         PPT
  Session 5 - The Way Forward          
  United Nations Development Account (UNDA) activities (UNECE)       PPT