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Roles and responsibilities of eTIR focal points

The network of eTIR focal points was established to ensure an adequate distribution of information on the eTIR Project at the national level as well as to allow countries which do not directly participate in the meetings GE.1 to provide national inputs on the eTIR Project. It was also foreseen that eTIR focal points act as liaisons with the eTIR Project to facilitate its implementation at the national level.
During the inception and elaboration phases, eTIR focal point should:
  • Receive requests (including surveys) on the eTIR project from WP.30, its Expert Groups and the secretariat; coordinate with the relevant national experts (including with colleagues from other ministries, if necessary) and reply within deadlines.
  • Remain informed about the eTIR project developments, including the eTIR documentation for GE.1 meetings and provide feedback, if necessary.
  • Analyse the objectives and envisaged implementation of the eTIR project in the light of national strategies for the computerization of customs procedures, in particular transit.
  • Raise awareness of the eTIR project nationally (across government agencies and the private sector) and strive for its consideration in mid- and long-term national information and communications technologies (ICT) development and maintenance plans.
  • Contribute actively to GE.1 meetings, either by direct attendance or by submitting documents.

The roles and responsibilities of eTIR focal points during the construction and transition phases of the project will need further definition in the future, but, in summary, on top of the roles defined above, they will be in charge of coordinating the exchange of information between the national teams working on the implementation of eTIR and those responsible for its international aspects.