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24th session

The Informal Ad hoc Expert Group on Conceptual and Technical Aspects of Computerization of the TIR Procedure (further referred to as “the Expert Group”) held its twenty-fourth session on 25 and 26 September 2014 in Antalya (Turkey), at the kind invitation of the Ministry of Customs and Trade of the Republic of Turkey.
The session was attended by experts from Czech Republic, Finland, France, Georgia, Iran (Islamic Republic of), Latvia, Netherlands, Poland, Romania and Turkey. Experts representing the European Commission (EC) and the International Road Transport Union (IRU) also attended the session.
GE.1 welcomed version 4.1a of the eTIR Reference Model and the new version of the XML schemas. It also welcomed the inclusion of tables cross referencing the description of all messages with the XML tags used in XML schemas. Moreover, GE.1 discussed a proposal by Turkey to make some data elements mandatory in the eTIR messages as well as technical details related to the metadata information that will accompany of all eTIR messages. It also considered the possible use of third party services for the mutual recognition of electronic signatures as well as which attributes are necessary for each of the core data types used in the eTIR messages.
Finally, GE.1 discussed a first draft of a document which summarises its activities and will support the eTIR Reference Model, when submitted to WP.30.

Informal document GE.1 No.1 (2014)


   Informal document GE.1 No.2 (2014) - Activities of eTIR focal points
   Informal document GE.1 No.3 (2014) - Roles and responsibilities of eTIR focal points
   Informal document GE.1 No.4 (2014) - eTIR Reference Model v.4.1 (Version with track changes)
   Informal document GE.1 No.5 (2014) - Next steps
   Informal document GE.1 No.6 (2014) - UNECE-IRU eTIR pilot project (scenarios)
   Informal document GE.1 No.7 (2014) - Mutual recognition of electronic signatures
   ECE/TRANS/WP.30/2014/9 - UNECE-IRU eTIR pilot project (project description)


ECE/TRANS/WP.30/2015/3 (EnglishFrenchRussian)


P. Grosjean
B2C-C2B: TIR Computerization latest progress


G. Andrieu
The dematerialisation of attached documents in eTIR project - The exemple of the French Single window approach


A. Sazonov
Ensuring mutual recognition of electronic signatures


H. Greven


A. Sceia & R. Hirt
UNECE-IRU eTIR Pilot Project



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