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MIPAA/RIS+20 Report


The Madrid International Plan of Action on Ageing (MIPAA), adopted at the Second World Assembly on Ageing in April 2002, set a comprehensive and bold agenda for ageing-related policies in the 21st century. With the UNECE Regional Implementation Strategy for MIPAA adopted in Berlin the same year, countries drew a roadmap for creating a society for all ages in the region.

This report, issued to mark the 20-year milestone in the implementation of the Madrid International Plan of Action on Ageing and its Regional Implementation Strategy, highlights progress in policy development and shifts in the way ageing societies adapt to demographic change. It provides an overview of the broad array of measures through which countries in the region have been paving the way toward societies for all ages, aspiring to a future in which every individual, young and old, can fully contribute to and benefit from social and economic development, social cohesion, and peace.