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Ninth meeting of the GGP International Working Group

13 June 2012
Stockholm Sweden
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Provisional agenda PDF
List of participants PDF
Report PDF
Progress Report                                           PDF  
Programme development progress                           PDF  
The GGP 2015 Survey Design                           PDF  
Towards a Sustainable Future                           PDF  
Contextual Database                           PDF  
Survey Questionnaire 2015                           PDF  
The GGP Data Archive. NESSTAR On-line Access                           PDF  
Fertility dynamics in France and in Italy                           PDF  
GGS in Austria                           PDF  
GGS in Belgium                           PDF  
GGS in France                           PDF  
GGS in Georgia                           PDF  
GGS in Germany                           PDF  
GGS in Hungary                           PDF  
GGS in Japan                           PDF  
GGS in the Netherlands - Update                           PDF  
GGS in the Netherlands - Longitudinal Research                           PDF  
GGS in Norway                           PDF  
GGS in Slovakia - Sustainable reproduction: a psycho-social inquire                           PDF