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Fifth meeting of GGP International Working Group

18 - 20 January 2007
Ljubljana Slovenia


Document Title ENG  
PAU Final report of the 5th IWG meeting in Ljubljana PDF  
Background documents
PAU List of Pariticpants PDF  
PAU Agenda PDF  
PAU GGS Standard Tables PDF XLS
PAU GGS Data Harmonization/Dissemination Conceptual Framework PDF  
PAU Agreement - Data Provider PDF  
PAU Agreement - Research Organization PDF  
PAU Pledge of confidentiality PDF  
PAU Panel maintenance PDF  
PAU GGP Progress and current situation PDF  
AWG Report on the development of standard tables PDF  
MPIDR The emergence of cohabitation in transitional socio-economic context PDF  
BiB Low fertility and policy options in Germany PDF  
HCSO Becoming a parent in a Post-Communist Society PDF  
INED Frequency of contact with parents PDF  
ARG Use of administrative records to supplement the GGS questionnaire PDF  
PAU Data accessibility and dissemination PDF  
INED Data dissemination process: Operational implementation PDF  
PAU Panel Maintenance PDF  
CDBWG GGP Contextual Database and its national implementation PDF  
PAU Generations and Gender Programme: Future Developments PDF  
Country Presentations
Belgium Implementation of GGP in BelgiumImplementation of GGP in Belgium PDF  
Bulgaria Generation and Gender Survey in Bulgaria PDF  
Czech Republic Czech Generations and Gender Programme PDF  
Georgia Generations and Gender Survey in Georgia PDF  
Lithuania Gender andGenerations Programme inLithuania PDF  
Netherlands Netherlands Kinship Panel Study PDF  
Norway Report on the Norwegian GGS PDF  
Poland Generations and Gender Program Current Stage in Poland PDF  
Romania The Generation and Gender Programme in Romania PDF