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UNECE launches Youth Visual Call: “What does a green future look like to you?”

UNECE launches Youth Visual Call: “What does a green future look like to you?”

Youth Visual Call

Young people are emerging as crucial champions for the achievement of the sustainable development agenda of countries in the UNECE region. The ideas and perspectives of new generations, who are acutely aware of the environmental challenges that the world faces, can help shape the policies and practices that will drive the green transformation in the years to come.

Engaging young people in the intergovernmental process can help to build momentum and ensure that the green transition is a collective effort that involves everyone. This March, UNECE launched a Youth Visual Call, inviting young people to submit their artistic interpretation of a “green future”.

The initiative is part of UNECE's continuing efforts to empower young people and give them a platform to express their views on issues that matter, in support of the UN Youth Strategy launched in 2018. Building up on the youth dialogue organized last year, UNECE is enhancing opportunities for young leaders from the region to participate in discussions and decision-making processes, including through UNECE Stakeholder Engagement Platform Circular STEP, which is open to public of all ages.

The Visual Call is part of the build-up to UNECE's Seventieth Commission Session. As the highest decision-making body of UNECE, the Commission will take stock of the progress made on the promotion of a circular economy and the sustainable use of natural resources and chart a way forward towards a digital and green transformation in the region.

UNECE invites young people to submit artwork, photographs and other visuals in response to the prompt “What does a green future look like to you?” to [email protected] by 31 March.

The most inspiring visuals will be displayed during the virtual side events (3-5 April 2023) of the Commission session and on social media.

Watch the video for the Youth Visual Call here.