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Virtual Side Events to the Seventieth session of the Commission, 3-5 April 2023

03 - 05 April 2023



From 3 to 5 April 2023, three days of side events will be held online via the Zoom platform in the lead up to the 70th session of the Commission, to advance bold themes to help shape the future of our region, with prominent speakers participating from across the international community.

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3 April 2023 - Promoting Circular Economy and Sustainable Use of Natural Resources

This first day of events will explore thematic areas such as shaping policies for the circular economy, fostering circular solutions through innovation, accelerating decarbonization and promoting circularity through transparency in value chains, and driving the green transition through the UNECE network: Circular STEP.

4 April 2023 - Digital and Green Transformations for Sustainable Development

The second day of events will delve into thematic areas such as leveraging digital solutions for the circular economy, digitalization and sustainable management of critical raw materials, and UN standards and reference data models for the digital transformation of multi-modal supply chains.

5 April 2023 - Horizon-Scanning: Future of Regulations in the Pan-European Region

The third day of side events will delve into an analysis of trends that are likely to impact the region in the next 25 years, exploring the themes of horizon-scanning and strategic foresight for the region in the age of the polycrisis, building future-ready competencies, and ways of developing 'future-proof' norms and conventions.