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UNECE Youth Dialogue: Shaping the future of the region

20 December 2022 10:00 - 16:00

Young people across the Pan-European region are driving change for a sustainable future and are key actors for the implementation of the 2030 Agenda.  

As UNECE marks its 75th anniversary, it aims to strengthen its partnership with young people who stand at the forefront of many social movements, demanding a greater say in governance and policy development, in climate action and in social inclusion.  

As part of the UN Youth Strategy, launched by the Secretary-General in 2018, UNECE seeks to enhance its engagement with young people to better address their needs and to co-create innovative solutions to regional challenges. The UNECE Youth Dialogue will be a platform for young people to bring their views, ideas, solutions and innovations to policy discussions on issues that matter to them and their future.  

Specifically, the UNECE Youth Dialogue will focus on the longer-term vision for the future of the UNECE region – helping to scan the horizon for new trends which will shape the economy, society and environment. The meeting will focus on a selection of key issues related to UNECE’s work and which are of relevance for young people.  

Key messages from the Youth Dialogue will be made available to the 70th Session of the Commission, (Geneva, 18-19 April 2023), and to the Regional Forum on Sustainable Development (29-30 March 2023). 

For more information, see the draft concept note and full programme.


The meeting will be held as a one-day, virtual meeting. The language of the meeting will be English.  

UNECE member States will nominate youth representatives (please see concept note for details). For member States that have a UN Youth Delegate Programme, we would encourage the nomination of the UN Youth Delegate(s) for the Dialogue. Further representatives from youth-led organizations are invited to participate in and contribute to the meeting.  

Young people, aged between 18 and 24, will be the key experts for the youth dialogue. The meeting will also be open to participants beyond this age group, if they wish to engage.  

To register, please visit