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Sixteenth meeting of the Standing Working Group on Ageing

Sixteenth meeting of the Standing Working Group on Ageing

20 - 22 November 2023
Palais des Nations Geneva Switzerland


The Standing Working Group on Ageing (SWGA) is an intergovernmental body which is subsidiary to the Executive Committee of UNECE. First convened in 2008, its membership consists of national focal points on ageing representing the member States of the UNECE region. Representatives of NGOs, academia, and international organizations participate as observers.

SWGA aims to help all countries in the UNECE region to mainstream the population ageing in their policy and regulatory framework, adjust to demographic change and create an environment that is conductive to the full realization of the individual and societal potential of longevity.

The SWGA meets annually in November in Geneva, where it reviews the achievements and developments of the past year and sets the agenda of work for the year to come. The next meeting will take place 20-22 November 2023. Invitations for the meetings will be sent in due time, and more information will be posted on this page as the meeting approaches.


Official documents

49585 _ ECE/WG.1/2023/1 - Annotated provisional agenda for the sixteenth meeting _ 382612 _ English _ 773 _ 391844 _ pdf
49585 _ ECE/WG.1/2023/3 - Report on the fifteenth meeting of the Bureau of the Standing Working Group on Ageing _ 382614 _ English _ 773 _ 391845 _ pdf
49585 _ ECE/WG.1/2023/4 - Implementation of the programme of work of the Standing Working Group on Ageing in 2023 _ 382615 _ English _ 773 _ 391846 _ pdf