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Forest Communicators' Network - Annual Meeting

Forest Communicators' Network - Annual Meeting

20 - 22 May 2019
Oslo Norway


Provisional Agenda

The agenda is available here.

Registration and Logistics

Registration is closed.

Find some useful information in the logistics note.

Meeting venue

Felix Conference Center
Bryggetorget 3
0250 Oslo, Norway
Telephone: +47 23 89 72 70
The meeting facility is at Oslo harbor, in the city center.

Meeting hours

Monday 20 May 2019 - 9.00 - 17.30 Meeting

Tuesday 21 May 2019 - 9.00 - 13.00 Meeting, Field Trip in the afternoon

Wednesday 22 May 2019 - 9.00 - 15.30 Meeting

Field trip

A Half-day field trip took place on Tuesday 21. May 2019 to the Oslo city forest, Nordmarka. Representatives from Norwegian Forestry Association and Oslo Municipality organized the field trip.

More info:

Meeting Report

The report of the meeting is available here.

Pictures of the Meeting

Pictures of the 2019 FCN meeting are available here.

Find pictures of the 2018 FCN meeting at the ECE/FAO flickr account.


Team Leader:  Kai Lintunen

UNECE/FAO Secretary: Theresa Loeffler

More information about the Team of Specialists on Forest Communication (Forest Communicators' Network) can be found here.


Title Presenter pdf
The Norwegian forest context Knut Øistad pdf
The Norwegian program Learning with Forest Anna Lena Albertsen pdf
Norwegian forests Knut Øistad pdf
Forest Pedagogics Thomas Baschny pdf
Schutzgemeinschaft Deutscher Wald Christoph Rullmann pdf
World Wood Day 2019 in Austria Bob Burt pdf
FAO IDF activities Maria De Cristofaro pdf
UNECE/FAO IDF activities Theresa Loeffler pdf
It’s all yours campaign Jennifer Hayes pdf
Marketing Schweizer Holz, Woodvetia Claire-Lise Suter Thalmann pdf
Merci la forêt, French Campaign Catherine Rivoal pdf
Vancouver Invitation on Sustainable Forest Products for a Better Future Theresa Loeffler pdf
Sustainable Wood for a Sustainable World (SW4SW) Initiative Maria De Cristofaro and Kai Lintunen pdf
EU Forest Strategy Ingwald Gschwandtl pdf
UNFFs clearinghouse mechanism forest financing – a communication tool Mita Sen and Yan Lang pdf
Cool Forest Project Florian Kraxner pdf
Private sector support to forest restoration actions: how companies communicate on their involvement Pierre Hermans pdf
Campaigning for Iceland’s afforestation Pétur Halldorsson pdf
Canada’s Forest Week and communication experience France Rollin pdf

Generic promotion for forests, forestry and the forest-based sector in Slovenia

Communication activities in the year 2019
Manca Baznik and Borut Debevc



The XXV IUFRO World Congress in Curitiba Jennifer Hayes pdf
R20 Austrian World Summit Ingwald Gschwandtl pdf
Asia Pacific Forestry Week Maria De Cristofaro pdf
European Forest Week Theresa Loeffler pdf
Progress on the Global Coordination Group of the FCN Ingwald Gschwandtl pdf
Social media traning Heart&Science pdf