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Continuation of the annual meeting of the Ad-Hoc team of Specialists (START) and its initiatives

Continuation of the annual meeting of the Ad-Hoc team of Specialists (START) and its initiatives

12 July 2023 15:00 - 16:00

The Ad-Hoc Team of Specialists on Standardization and Regulatory Techniques (START) assists member States’ efforts to converge towards better regulations. To reduce non-tariff barriers to trade, the content of technical regulations should revolve around the definition of essential requirements. Making reference to international standards in national legislation is the most efficient way to achieve this. WP.6 proposes its Recommendation L as a model for regulatory cooperation.

This meeting is the continuation of the 23 May 2023 annual meeting and will aim to nominate the leadership of START. It will also review and finalize the report prepared for the 33rd Annual Session of WP.6. Draft meeting report available here [PDF]. It will also review contributions of START and its initiatives into the Programme of Work 2024. Draft available here [PDF]. The group will also consider the launch of projects on a CRA on trunk pipeline safety for hydrogen and on a revision of Recommendation L. The provisional agenda is available here [PDF].

This meeting is taking place as part of the WP.6 Second Forum. Find out about the other meetings at this webpage.

Nomination of officers

During the annual session of this group, participants will be asked to nominate the chair for the coming period. These nominations are done on an annual basis, with no limit on the number of times an officer can be re-nominated. Each group should have a chair and an agreed number of vice-chairs (one vice-chair per initiative).


Any existing member of WP.6 (who has participated in at least one WP.6 official meeting within the past twelve months) may nominate an individual for a leadership position within START by 12 June 2023 at the latest. Please send an email to the Secretary of WP.6: [email protected] by close of business on 12 June.

Candidacies will be checked with the WP.6 Chair and eventually with the candidate’s delegation for confirmation and any further information. A short bio will be requested and shared below at least one week prior to the meeting for the information of the meeting participants.


The chair of the START group is responsible for the meetings of the group and for presenting the work of the group to the parent body, the WP.6 annual session. The chair is therefore asked to ensure to have the financial dispositions to be able to physically participate in all necessary meetings. The chair ensures that all meetings are fair and open. The chair, with the assistance of the secretariat, ensures that all topics discussed within the group are in line with the Programme of Work and that deliberations are properly recorded.

Nomination procedures:

If there is more than one candidate for any given position, or there is a request from a member State, the secretariat will prepare and publish a voting procedure for the nomination at least one week prior to the event.

Candidatures received:

  • Candidate for Chair: Ronald Tse [Bio]