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Annual meeting of Academia Experts Focal Point Network of Education on Standardization

Annual meeting of Academia Experts Focal Point Network of Education on Standardization

26 May 2023 15:00 - 17:00

Since the establishment of the predecessor of WP.6, education on standardization has been a fundamental objective. Traditional educational approaches consider standards to be a highly technical topic, of interest only to engineers. However, standards touch nearly every aspect of our daily life through all of the products we use and consume each day (mobile phone, vehicle, cleaning products, personal protection equipment, toys, …). These standards are verified for conformity when entering a market or when being conceived. This is becoming more and more an essential link in the global supply chain, but unfortunately, the majority of actors in the supply chain are still ignorant of this importance.

In 2012, the initiative on education on standardization (START-Ed) was established, bringing together experts from academia to promote good practices and to share national experiences. The objective is to encourage universities, tertiary-level institutes, vocational training schools and other education and research institutions to integrate standardization and standards-related issues in their curricula. These experts have elaborated a model programme on education on standardization and relevant teaching materials.

In 2022, several of these modules were used as the basis for the WP.6 e-learning platform,

The START-Ed Focal Point Network was endorsed by the WP.6 32nd annual session as a means to promote education on trade-related standardization. The main aims were to encourage the implementation of the START-Ed modules for education on standardization within teaching programmes, participate in START-Ed meetings to help develop best practices, and assist in enhancing the START-Ed modules.

During this meeting, the experts examined the materials that are currently available and what may be needed in the future. Also exchanges on best practices and discussion on potential curricula materials took place.



Agenda item


15:00 – 15:05

Welcome and approval of the agenda

WP.6 Secretariat

Tauno Kangur

15:05 – 15:10

Tribute to Professor Marta Orviská

WP.6 Secretariat;

Coordinator Serguei Kouzmine

15:10 – 15:11

Nomination of officers – postponed to October 11 meeting

WP.6 Secretariat

Tauno Kangur

15:11 – 15:40

Verification of progress on the Programme of Work 2022-2023:

(a) Explore labour market requirements regarding new skills and competences of graduates in relation to standardization

(b) Enhance cooperation with WP.6 subgroups to develop teaching material which could be used under the START-Ed initiative and under the subgroups

(c) Further develop e-learning courses which reflect the model curricula proposed by START-Ed

(d) Promote the implementation of the new module on environmental issues (pending the approval of this module by the annual session within the START report)

(e) Start creating the network of educational focal points (pending the approval of the terms of reference of this network by the annual session within the START report)

Coordinator Serguei Kouzmine

15:40 – 16:00

Labor market requirements on standards-related skills and competences in France

Sana Ronda, President, Linguaphone [Bio][PPT]

16:00 – 16:10

Way forward for START-ED 

WP.6 Secretary

Lance Thompson

16:10 – 16:25

Future activities of START-ED

Coordinator Serguei Kouzmine,


16:25 – 16:55

Discussion of experts on experiences and on way forward

Coordinator, Secretariat, meeting participants


Any other business

Coordinator Serguei Kouzmine,


Nomination procedures

Nomination of officers

During the annual session of this group, participants will be asked to nominate the coordinator for the coming period. These nominations are done on an annual basis, with no limit on the number of times an officer can be re-nominated. START-Ed should have at least one coordinator.


Any individual interested candidates may make their intention known by 25 April 2023 at the latest. Please send an email to the Secretary of WP.6: [email protected] by close of business on 25 April.

Candidacies will be checked with the WP.6 Chair and eventually with the candidate’s delegation for confirmation and any further information. A short bio will be requested and shared below at least one week prior to the meeting for the information of the meeting participants.


The coordinator of the group is responsible for the meetings of the group and for presenting the work of the group to the parent body, the WP.6 annual session. The coordinator is therefore asked to ensure to have the financial dispositions to be able to physically participate in all necessary meetings. The coordinator ensures that all meetings are fair and open. The coordinator, with the assistance of the secretariat, ensures that all topics discussed within the group are in line with the Programme of Work and that deliberations are properly recorded.

Nomination procedures:

If there is more than one candidate for any given position, or there is a request from a member State, the secretariat will prepare and publish a nomination procedure at least one week prior to the event.

Candidatures received:

Will be announced after consultation with the WP.6 Chair.