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WP6: Team of Specialists on Gender-Responsive Standards meeting

WP6: Team of Specialists on Gender-Responsive Standards meeting

Regular Team of Specialists meeting

18 April 2023 12:00 - 14:00

The Team of Specialists on Gender-Responsive Standards (GRS) of WP.6 holds bi-monthly meetings to progress its work agenda and encourage building a network of gender focal points working on gender-responsive standards. The GRS encourages the uptake of guidance such as the Recommendation U on Gender-Responsive Standards and the Guidelines on Developing Gender-Responsive Standards and Standards Development. It develops further guidance to help standards development organizations to effectively roll out gender-responsive standards.

All experts are welcome to join these meetings.

The Team of Specialists was established in 2022 through the 124th meeting of the UNECE Executive Committee in decisions L.13. It is the continuance of the Gender-Responsive Standards Initiative which was established in 2016. More information on this group is available on the group’s web page.

During this meeting, we will take a look at a proposed publication on “Gender-Responsive Standards are Better For Everyone”. This document is near finalization and open for any comments. But it is requested to not yet circulate the document to other stakeholders. It is expected that it will be finished and published by end of May, early June.

Agenda for this meeting.

The report of this meeting will be made available after the event on this page.