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Stakeholder meeting on AAI

Stakeholder meeting on AAI

17 June 2019
Brussels Belgium

The programme is available here.

List of participants

2018 Active Ageing Index Analytical Report

Active Ageing Index in non-EU countries and at subnational level: Guidelines

Presentations File
2018 AAI: Analytical report, by Giovanni Lamura and Andrea Principi, National Institute of Health and Science on Ageing (INRCA) PDF
How to calculate AAI when data are scarce: the Guidelines, by Maria Varlamova, Jagiellonian University PDF
Panel discussion  
AAI: French Agglomeration Grand Annecy Experiment, by Bénédicte Chanvin, Grand Annecy Agglomeration PDF
AAI in Romania: subnational level, by Olivia Rusandu, Ministry of Labour and Social Justice of Romania PDF
Use of AAI in Navarra (Spain), by Koldo Cambra, Public Health and Labour Institute of Navarra PDF
Construction and the use of AAI in ASEAN+3, by Asghar Zaidi, Seoul National University, LSE, Oxford Institute of Population Ageing PDF
The European Commission's science and knowledge centre, by Carlos Moura, JRC, European Commission PDF