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Governments, architects and city shapers to gather in San Marino to advance cooperation for sustainable urban development

San Marino CUDHLM session

Governments, Mayors, leading architects, urbanists and experts will gather in San Marino on 3-6 October 2022 for the 83rd session of the UNECE Committee on Urban Development, Housing and Land Management. The session will support regional exchange of experiences and good practices to promote affordable, adequate and climate-neutral housing; and inclusive, circular, smart and sustainable cities.  

Launching principles for sustainable architecture, urban design and practice 

Governments will be invited to adopt the San Marino Declaration, enshrining a commitment “to bolstering the roles of architects, engineers, surveyors, urban planners and designers in ensuring sustainable, safe, healthy, socially inclusive, climate-neutral and circular homes, urban infrastructure and cities.” 

The Declaration puts forth a first-of-its-kind set of “Principles for Sustainable and Inclusive Urban Design and Architecture” that can be applied to the design of all buildings and urban developments.These Principles will be launched and symbolically signed by leading architects and urbanists. 

Advancing cooperation on key city-level challenges 

Among a range of key sustainable urban development topics, the 4-day Committee session will discuss:  

  • The future of UNECE’s Forum of Mayors – a pioneering platform to put a new and inclusive multilateralism into practice.  

  • The review of implementation of Place and Life in the UNECE – A Regional Action Plan 2030

  • A discussion of the region’s emerging needs in the areas of housing, real estate and urban development. 

  • Sustainable Development Goals Voluntary Local Reviews: measuring progress at the local level. 

  • Implementation of the United for Smart Sustainable Cities initiative. 

Side events will focus on a range of sustainable urban development themes: 

  • In Focus: SDG11: Inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable cities require sustainable and inclusive urban design and architecture  

  • Urban Mobility and Road Safety – with the UN Secretary-General’s Special Envoy for Road Safety, Jean Todt  

  • Green finance for urban development  

  • Inauguration of UNECE Forest (for World Habitat Day) 

  • Presentation of Sustainable City Profile of San Marino  

  • UNECE-FAO Impulse Lab: “Trees – Nature’s technology for climate-proof building” 

  • Impact of the energy crisis on housing, real estate management and urban development  

The full programme for the session and details of side events, together with registration details for in-person participation, is available at   

The session is organised by UNECE with the support of the Government of the Republic of San Marino.  

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