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Protocol on Further Reduction of Sulphur Emissions

The 1994 Oslo Protocol on Further Reduction of Sulphur Emissions  

The Executive Body adopted the Protocol on Further Reductions of Sulphur Emissions in Oslo on 14 June 1994. The 1994 Oslo Protocol builds on the 1985 Helsinki Protocol on the Reduction of Sulphur Emissions or their Transboundary Fluxes by at least 30 per cent recognizing the measures taken by many countries to reduce sulphur emissions under the 1985 Helsinki Protocol. 

The Protocol sets emission ceilings until 2010 and beyond. In addition, Parties are required to take the most effective measures for the reduction of sulphur emissions, including, inter alia, measures to increase energy efficiency, the use of renewable energy, measures to reduce the sulphur content of fuels, and to apply best available control technologies. The Protocol also encourages the application of economic instruments for the adoption of cost-effective approaches to the reduction of sulphur emissions.

Emissions of sulphur emissions are also addressed under the 1999 Gothenburg Protocol to Abate Acidification, Eutrophication and Ground-level Ozone.

 Title ENG FRE RUS Ratification Entry into force
The 1994 Oslo Protocol on Further Reduction of Sulphur Emissions   PDF PDF PDF Status 05/08/1998
Adjustment to Annex II, as amended 12/2007 PDF