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Climate Change and International Transport

Climate Change Impacts on International Transport Networks
Joint UNECE – UNCTAD Workshop
8 September 2010, Geneva
Programme PDF(441 KB)
Background paper
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Prof. Martin BENISTON(University of Geneva, Switzerland) - Climatic change and transportation: the scientific basis
English PDF(5.10 MB)
Dr. Pascal PEDUZZI(UNEP/GRID-Europe) - Extreme events from climate change: their related impacts on transport & connectivity
English PDF(5.18 MB)
Dr. Ulrich EBEL(Swiss Re) - Insurance Risk in a Changing Climate
English PDF(1.01 MB)
Mr. Philippe CRIST(ITF/OECD) - Climate Change Impacts on Transport: An Overview
English PDF(380 KB)
Prof. Christopher BAKER(Centre for Railway Research and Education, University of Birmingham, UK) - Climate change and the railways
English PDF(12.33 MB)
Mr. Jerzy WISNIEWSKI(International Union of Railways, UIC) - Adaptating Rail Infrastructure to Climate Change
English PDF(846 KB)
Mr. Robert M GALBRAITH(Jacobs Engineering, UK) - Road networks: a Scottish perspective
English PDF(117 KB)
Mr. Bas TURPIJN(Ministry of Transport, Public Works and Water Management, Netherlands) - Climate Change and Inland Waterway Transport
English PDF(1.07 MB)
Prof. Hercules HARALAMBIDES(MEL, Erasmus University, Rotterdam, Netherlands) - On Containing CO2 Emissions in International Ocean Transportation: Some thoughts on the Case of Slow-Steaming
English PDF(494 KB)
Mr. Austin BECKER(Stanford University, USA) - Impacts of climate change on seaports: results of a global survey
English PDF(8.19 MB)
Mr. Michael SAVONIS(Department of Transportation, USA) - Climate Change: An Adaptation Challenge for US Transportation
English PDF(1.89 MB)
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Map Palais des Nations PDF (40 KB)