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The benchmarking of transport infrastructure construction costs is critical step  for having realistic construction costs and a stable investment program without unexpected cost increases. The use of benchmarking of construction costs could also be useful for cost estimates as well as for control of projects’ costs.

The duration of the project is two years and experts are expected to focus their work on the following issues:

  • Identify models, methodologies, tools and good practices for evaluating, calculating and analyzing inland transport infrastructure construction costs;
  • Identify and list terminologies used in the UNECE region for construction costs of inland transport infrastructure; if possible, create a glossary of agreed terminologies and related explanations;
  • Collect and analyze data in order to prepare a benchmarking of transport infrastructure construction costs along the ECE region for each inland transport mode – road, rail, inland waterways – including intermodal terminals, freight/logistics centers and ports; Analyze and describe the conditions / parameters under which these costs have been calculated on.