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Recommendation 34 - ECE/TRADE/400

UN/CEFACT Recommendation 34: Data Simplification and Standardization for International Trade
Recommendation Number 34 (ECE/TRADE/400) was developed in response to a particular set of requests from Single Window implementers who were faced with the task of harmonizing and standardizing government information requirements. Recommendation 34 responds to these requests by providing guidance on creating the minimum requirements for the exchange of data between governments and traders. It aims to help Governments and traders by recommending a simple, easy-to-use and cost effective 4-stage process to achieve the objective of a national simplified and standardized dataset.
The publication of Recommendation 34 adds to the suite of products offered by UNECE to assist with the establishment of a Single Window. There is no particular or special sequence in which UNECE Recommendations on Establishing a Single Window should be used or applied. Implementers should take the suite of available Recommendations and work on the strategy, policy, technical, data harmonization and legal frameworks simultaneously.
Download the publication (ECE/TRADE/400) in French and Russian