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2022 Gender-Responsive Standards Workshop

26 April (10:00) - 04 May (17:30) 2022

Research has shown that the failure to account for women in standards development can have dire consequences. Recognizing that standards are not gender neutral, UNECE set up its Gender-Responsive Standards Initiative (GRSI) with the aim to ensure that standard setting contributes to gender equality, in line with the Sustainable Development Goal 5: “Achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls”.

In May 2019, the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe launched the Declaration on Gender-Responsive Standards and Standards Development. The 80+ signatories to the Declaration commit to making the standards they develop, and the processes they enact in the creation of these best practice documents, gender responsive. To work towards this commitment, the signatories have expressed an interest in receiving dedicated training to guide their efforts at institutional change.

In light of this, and thanks to an externally funded project supported by the German Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt, the UNECE WP.6 proposes four one-day capacity-building workshops on 26 April (with Russian interpretation), 27 April, 3 May and 4 May (in French only). The sessions will allow participants an opportunity to gain practical experience in the development of gender action plans for their respective standards body. This workshop further aims to foster a practical understanding on standards for sustainable development, with workshops led by leading practitioners in standardization and gender equality.

General agenda

Session 1: Standards for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

  • Lance Thompson, Secretary WP.6
  • Ray Walshe, Dublin City University


Session 2: Gender-Responsive Standards

  • Maxime Forest, Yellow Window
  • Lut Mergaert, Yellow Window


Session 3: Practical Guidance on Developing a Gender Action Plan

  • Maxime Forest, Yellow Window
  • Lut Mergaert, Yellow Window

Post-workshop materials

Presentation of Session 1 [ENG] [FRA]

Presentation of Session 2 [ENG] [FRA]

Presentation of Session 3 [ENG] [FRA]

Further reading hand-out

WP.6 GRSI Advance copy of “Guidelines on Developing Gender-Responsive Standards”

Template for comments until 30 May

1 June event Gender-responsive standards: bringing standards for sustainable development and gender-equality to standards development bodies

8 June event Gender, digitalization, environment: ensuring a sustainable future for all

1-10 June WP.6 Forum events

Gender-responsive standards training report