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WP.6 Forum

01 June (9:00) - 10 June (17:00) 2022

The Working Party on Regulatory Cooperation and Standardization Policies (WP.6) promotes regulatory cooperation, standardization policies and activities which contribute towards reducing technical barriers to trade, while lowering efficiently managing risk, promoting sustainable development in its all dimensions including gender equality, climate and environmental protection and adaptation to new technologies.

WP.6 has several subgroups and initiatives that meet at least annually. The official annual meetings of these groups have all been brought together during the same week to form a WP.6 Forum and will be launched by an event to mark the end of an extrabudgetary project conducted by the WP.6 secretariat.

1 June from 10:00: Conference: Gender-responsive standards: bringing standards for sustainable development and gender equality to standards development bodies

This event will showcase the work which has been achieved under the extrabudgetary project on “Enhancing usage and uptake of standards for sustainable development, gender equality and the empowerment of women”. We will discuss the latest trends in gender-inclusive approaches to standardization as well as how standardization can help to achieve the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

7 June from 10:00: Annual session of the Ad-Hoc Team of Specialists START and its initiatives

The Ad-Hoc Team of Specialists on Standardization and Regulatory Techniques (START) assists member States’ efforts to converge towards better regulations. We will discuss the three main initiatives within this group: Pipeline Safety (from 10:00), Equipment for Explosive Environments (from 11:30) and Earth-Moving Machinery (from 14:00).

7 June from 16:00: Annual meeting of the START-Ed initiative

The START-Ed initiative aims to support efforts by schools, universities, vocational training institutions and other training and research establishments to integrate standards and standards-related issues in their curricula. During this meeting, we will discuss the establishment of a focal point network of education specialists as well as the further development of the model programme of WP.6 Education on Standardization.

8 June from 10:00: Gender, digitalization, environment: ensuring a sustainable future for all

During this annual meeting of the Gender-Responsive Standards Initiative, we will take stock of best practices in gender action plans in the morning. In the afternoon, we will discuss the theme of digitalization, the environment and the importance of gender in creating a fair and sustainable future for all.

9 June from 11:00: Risk Management in Regulatory Frameworks: Towards the Better Management of Risks

The Group of Experts on Risk Management in Regulatory Systems (GRM) shall use this annual meeting to take stock of the progress it has made since its inception and further discuss future evolutions such as a possible update of Recommendation T on Standards and regulations for sustainable development, cybersecurity and the guide jointly developed with ITC on “Managing risk for post-pandemic trade: Guide for Border Regulators”.

10 June from 13:00: Best practices in Market Surveillance and border controls

During this annual session of the Advisory Group on Market Surveillance (MARS), we will share current best practices in market surveillance as well as best practices on cooperation with customs agencies on market access regulations. We will also discuss the updated Glossary of Market Surveillance Terms which will be presented to the November WP.6 annual session for endorsement.


* Note that there will be elections for officers in the 7 June START meeting, the 7 June START-Ed meeting, the 9 June GRM meeting and the 10 June MARS meeting. Interested parties should contact the secretariat for more information ([email protected]).