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Workshop on Mapping Albania’s readiness for green and just transition in post-coal mining areas

11 December 2023 11:00 - 16:00
AKBN Headquarter Tirana Albania

The Project

The project titled Mapping Albania’s readiness for green and just transition in post-coal mining areas aims to assess Albania’s readiness for green and just transition in local post-coal mining areas and to identify regulatory, social, technical, and financial barriers that the country will need to address to be able to successfully reclaim and repurpose its post-coal mining areas in accordance with the principles of green economy and just transition. See more

The Workshop

The first part of the workshop introduced to the Albanian stakeholders the results of the work that has been undertaken under the project so far. The draft findings and the recommendations were presented and discussed with the local experts and decisions makers, giving a particular attention to obstacles and opportunities for their implementation. 

During the second part of the workshop participants were presented with case studies of the transitions of the coal mining areas in other countries, such as Bosnia and Herzegovina, Poland, and Serbia. The challenges faced and the mechanisms that had been employed to respond to them were presented and discussed to draw lessons learned applicable to the Albanian conditions.

In the third part the workshop provided an opportunity for all participants to discuss the draft report, identify its weaknesses and the way in which they can be addressed. It also offered a space for brainstorming on how to most effectively transform and repurpose the post coal mining areas in Albania, so that they contribute to the country’s economy, meet their communities’ aspirations, and align with the environmental requirements of the green economy. 

For more detailed information please consult an agenda for the event available below.