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Third Meeting of the Task Force on Methane Emissions Reduction

20 February 2024 15:00 - 16:30


  1. Opening of the meeting 
  2. Adoption of the agenda 
  3. What’s new: opportunity for TF members to bring to the TF’s attention relevant recent or upcoming publications, projects, policies
  4. Reports from recent and upcoming events
  5. Goal 1: Outreach to key stakeholders to share basic resources and concepts.
    • Activity: Develop new, short, visual/interactive resources, potentially for non-technical audience
    • TF decided to focus on a one- or two-page document that compares the costs and scales of reductions for CMM/VAM mitigation technologies vs other GHG mitigation technologies (e.g., Direct Air Capture, CCUS, hydrogen)
    • Resource presentation by Richard Mattus followed by a discussion.
  6. Goal 2. Improving emissions data and information for policymakers
    • Activity: Develop guidelines for how facility-based emissions from coal mines could be presented for the public and/or for technical audiences
    • TF decided to focus what is most challenging/expensive for all governments: collecting meaningful data. TF decided to focus on active underground coal mines to start with.
    • Discussion of next steps: Proposal to compile coal mine methane measurements data collection spreadsheets from countries: United States, Australia, EU, China, etc.
  7. AOB and wrap-up
  8. Closing of the meeting


Available shortly after the meeting


Available shortly after the meeting