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Second Meeting of the Task Force on Methane Emissions Reduction

29 September 2023 16:00 - 17:30


  1. Introduction and overview of survey results by Volha Roshchanka: 15 mins
  2. Activity 1: Outreach to key stakeholders (policymakers, mining companies) to share basic resources and concepts
    1. Presentation from Hannah Broadbent of Ember on best practices presenting complex technical and policy information to broad audiences – 10 mins
    2. Discussion on the structure of the communication brief (2 pages max) – 10 mins
    3. Call for volunteers to draft sections – 5 mins
  3. Activity 2: Developing guidelines for how facility-based emissions from coal mines could be presented for the public and/or for technical audiences
    1. Presentation from Bernard Swoczyna of Instrat on best practices in handling and presenting data on emissions from mining – 10 mins
    2. Presentation on Clark Talkington on handling and presentation of methane emissions data from coal mining in the U.S. Greenhouse Gas Reporting Program – 10 mins
    3. Discussion of the format and next steps to complete this activity - 15 mins
  4. AOB and meeting wrap up – 10 mins


Available shortly after the meeting


Available shortly after the meeting