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9th SPECA Project Working Group on Statistics (PWGS)

25 - 27 June 2014
Baku Azerbaijan
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Documents Presentations
  Agenda PDF   PDF    
  Picture Gallery          
  Report PDF   PDF    
  Report presented to the CES PDF        
Session 1
Policy Demand for Sustainable Development and Environmental Statistics: Global/Regional/National Context
  The post-2015 process       PDF PDF
  Demand for environmental statistics in the CIS region - CIS-STAT       PDF PDF
  Demand for Environmental Sustainability Indicators: Energy Security & Climate Change Resilience       PDF PDF
Session 2
Global/Regional/National Initiatives for the Development of Environmental Information Systems
  Meeting Statistical Capacity Needs for Environmental Sustainability Indicators       PDF PDF
  Assessments and Reviews of environmental information systems: main outcome and recommendations       PDF PDF
  Environmental statistics initiatives in Europe       PDF PDF
Environmental statistics in Turkey
      PDF PDF
Source of Drinking Water and Energy  in Afghan Households
ARKS experience on forming environmental indicators
      PDF PDF
Energy statistics in Mongolia
      PDF PDF
Biodiversity statistics: the experience of Kyrgyzstan
      PDF PDF
Water statistics in Tajikistan
      PDF PDF
Water statistics in Azerbaijan
      PDF PDF
Session 3
System of Environmental Economic Accounting (SEEA): Concepts and  Definitions
  SEEA-Central Framework: concepts and definitions       PDF PDF
  SEEA-CF and FDES Resources       PDF PDF
  Input-Output tables in Mongolia       PDF PDF
Session 4
Implementation of SEEA: Success Stories, Challenges and the Way Forward
  Implementation of SEEA in Norway and selected European countries       PDF PDF
  Implementation of SEEA (Perspectives of Azerbaijan)       PDF PDF
  Implementation of SEEA in Russia       PDF PDF
Session 5
Follow-up on the Implementation of Global Assessment’s Recommendations – Coordination of Technical Cooperation in the SPECA Region
  Global assessments and the donor coordination survey       PDF PDF
  UN Development Account Project: Strengthening National Capacities for the Sustainable Development of Statistics       PDF PDF
Background papers
  Report of the Committee of Experts on Environmental-
Economic Accounting
PDF   PDF    
  Wiki Training: Environment Statistics wiki        
  Brochure on Environment Statistics PDF        
  Conference of European Statisticians recommendations on measuring sustainable development PDF        
  Environmental profiles and benchmarking of Norwegian industries. Results from the Norwegian economic and environmental accounts (NOREEA) project (p. 28-37) link        
  Statistics Norway. National accounts and the environment, 1990-2012 link        


The Norwegian Nature Index


  UNECE Environment for Europe (EfE): indicators and reporting link   link