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Programme Planning and Reporting

The General Assembly approves the programme plan and the resource requirements of UNECE.

The General Assembly, in its resolution 77/267, approved the change from a biennial to an annual budget period. The proposed programme  budget document consists of three parts:

(a) Part I: the plan outline, which endorses the longterm priorities and the objectives of the Organization;

(b) Part II: the programme plan for programmes and subprogrammes and programme performance information;

(c) Part III: the post and non-post resources requirements for the programmes and subprogrammes.

The latest plan outline (A/77/6 (Plan outline)) was presented by the Secretary General to the General Assembly in December 2022.

UNECE programme plan and programme performance (Part II) are reflected in Programme 17, Economic development in Europe. Resource requirements (Part III) are outlined in Section 20. Section 23 (Regular Programme on Technical Cooperation) and Section 35 (Development Account) complement the core resources.



 2016-2017 biennium

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