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Project Management

UN Development Account Projects

The UNDA is a capacity development programme of the United Nations Secretariat aimed at enhancing the capacities of developing countries in the priority areas of the UN development agenda. UNDA projects are funded from the regular budget. All activities managed by UNECE can be found here
Want to know more about UNDA? Please visit the UN DESA website. You will find United Nations General Assembly resolutions and mandates and other relevant document.

Extrabudgetary Projects

In the Work Plan on the UNECE Reform adopted in December 2005, the Commission requested that “Any change in resources (both regular budget and extrabudgetary) materializing after the adoption of the programme budget by the General Assembly shall be presented to the Executive Committee for approval.” Since 2006, UNECE has undertaken continuous efforts to improve the efficiency and transparency of the management of extrabudgetary contributions in UNECE. 

List of EXCOM approved active projects as of 24 November 2022.

Project Monitoring Tool

The Project Monitoring Tool (PMT) provides information on all projects and activities funded from extra-budgetary resources. It contains project documents, implementation progress reports, and end of project completing reports. Evaluations of projects can be found here