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Ammonium Nitrate blast in Beirut

UN/OECD seminar to address ammonium nitrate risk management in follow-up to 2020 Beirut port explosion  

The Beirut port explosion in August 2020, caused by fire spreading across a storage area detonating a large amount of ammonium nitrate (AN), resulted in 300 deaths and 6,500 injuries, the displacement of about 300,000 people and severe damage to the port and city, including healthcare facilities…

fruit on market stall

UNECE Agricultural Quality Standards boost trade and support shift towards sustainable food systems

With food part of everyone’s most fundamental needs, the sustainability of food systems has been high on the international agenda in 2021. Earlier this fall saw the conclusion of the United Nations Food Systems Summit, setting the stage for global food systems transformation. The United Nations…

Electric car

Major auto markets join forces for draft UN legislation on electric vehicle battery durability

Sales of electric and hybrid vehicles are surging in major markets including China, Europe and North America, and reached 3 million vehicles in 2020, 4.6% of total sales. In Europe, their market share reached 10%. According to the projections of the International Energy Agency, their global…

Truck dangerous good accident in Sierra Leone

Deadly tanker blast in Sierra Leone recalls need to improve safety: UN instruments reduce risks

Close to 100 people are reported to have died from a blast following a crash between a tanker and a truck in a busy commercial district of Freetown, Sierra Leone.

UNECE stands in solidarity with the people of Sierra Leone and is ready to support all countries to implement proven United…

Climate change dialogue Glasgow

Only together with cities can we reach climate goals, stress John Kerry, Norman Foster and Mayors at COP26 alongside UNECE and partners

The world’s urban areas are responsible for the vast majority of CO2 emissions. But cities, led by Mayors, are pushing forward the climate action that will be vital to keep the 1.5°C target alive, adapting to climate change impacts, and making their voices heard alongside national governments at…

Couverture of report Hydrogen

В соответствии с новым докладом ООН, водород может способствовать декарбонизации экономики благодаря крупным инвестициям и надлежащей политической поддержке

В соответствии с целями Парижского соглашения переход к декарбонизированной экономике на основе водорода, позволяющей достичь углеродной нейтральности к 2050 году, влечет за собой необходимость быстро и интенсивно развернуть производство возобновляемого и низкоуглеродного водорода. Согласно…

Couverture of report Hydrogen

Hydrogen can help decarbonize the economy, through massive investments and appropriate policy support, according to new UN report

The shift to a decarbonized Hydrogen-based economy that can achieve Carbon Neutrality by 2050 in line with the objectives of the Paris Agreement, requires swift and extensive expansion of renewable and low-carbon hydrogen production. This will require massive investments and appropriate policy…

Couverture of report Hydrogen

L'hydrogène peut contribuer à décarboniser l'économie avec des investissements massifs et un soutien politique approprié, selon un nouveau rapport des Nations unies

Le passage à une économie décarbonée fondée sur l'hydrogène, capable d'atteindre la neutralité carbone d'ici à 2050 conformément aux objectifs de l'accord de Paris, nécessite un développement rapide et massif de la production d'hydrogène renouvelable et à faible teneur en carbone. Cela…


International Centres of Excellence sign on to UNECE’s high-performance buildings initiative to create a better built environment

UNECE re-launched its High-Performance Buildings Initiative at COP-26 to deliver on the Paris Agreement and the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.  At a ceremony at the Construction Scotland Innovation Centre (CSIC) in Hamilton, today, 8 International Centres of Excellence on High…

land use planning industrial safety

Countries in South-Eastern Europe commit to strengthen “joined-up”  land-use planning and industrial safety policies, harnessing UNECE instruments 

Increasingly frequent and intense extreme weather events due to climate change that can lead to industrial accidents and unchecked urban and regional development could together be a recipe for disaster, warn the UN and the governments of Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, North…