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Download Documents for 41st UN/CEFACT Forum: T+L Domain Session

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03Oct_PM_T+L_IMO-Partnership.pdf 03Oct_PM_T+L_IMO-Partnership.pdf (application/pdf, 2.18 MB) English UNECE UN/CEFACT: IMO Partnership Agreement and Collaboration
03Oct_PM_T+L_Singapore-MSW.pdf 03Oct_PM_T+L_Singapore-MSW.pdf (application/pdf, 1.76 MB) English Singapore’s Maritime Single Window
03Oct_PM_T+L_SWAM.pdf 03Oct_PM_T+L_SWAM.pdf (application/pdf, 7.39 MB) English Single Window Assessment Methodolocy
03Oct_PM_T+L_EU-Initiatives.pdf 03Oct_PM_T+L_EU-Initiatives.pdf (application/pdf, 514.16 KB) English EU Initiatives: eFTI and EMSWe Development Projects
03Oct_PM_T+L_eBL.pdf 03Oct_PM_T+L_eBL.pdf (application/pdf, 2.66 MB) English eBL Update DCSA
03Oct_PM_T+L_MMT RDM.pdf 03Oct_PM_T+L_MMT RDM.pdf (application/pdf, 1.91 MB) English Testing the Possibility to Use the UN/CEFACT Semantic Standards and Multimodal Transport Reference Data Model (MMT RDM) to Create an Interoperable Electronic Document Equivalent
03Oct_PM_T+L_Geofence.pdf 03Oct_PM_T+L_Geofence.pdf (application/pdf, 751.34 KB) English Geofencing Paper Project
03Oct_PM_T+L_IMO-RM.pdf 03Oct_PM_T+L_IMO-RM.pdf (application/pdf, 357.76 KB) English IMO Reference Model Project
03Oct_PM_T+L_Dangerous-Goods.pdf 03Oct_PM_T+L_Dangerous-Goods.pdf (application/pdf, 1.35 MB) English Dangerous Goods Project
03Oct_PM_T+L_Parcel-goods-traceability.pdf 03Oct_PM_T+L_Parcel-goods-traceability.pdf (application/pdf, 1.18 MB) English Parcel Goods Traceability in Last Mile Delivery
03Oct_PM_T+L_MLETR-WP.pdf 03Oct_PM_T+L_MLETR-WP.pdf (application/pdf, 672.91 KB) English MLETR-Compliant Title Transfer White Paper
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