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Workshop on Statistics for SDGs

Workshop on Statistics for SDGs

POSTPONED. Further information will be communicated later. 

The 6th Workshop on Statistics for SDGs is aimed at experts from national statistical offices, international organizations and other stakeholders involved in the production, communication and coordination of the reporting of statistics for SDGs. The meeting will serve as a platform to share experiences, good practices and lessons learned; to showcase innovative solutions to the challenges faced; and to identify priorities for future methodological and capacity-development work in this area. The workshop deals with practical and technical aspects of provision of SDG data and indicators. The target audience of the Workshop is the SDG focal points in the national statistical offices and international organizations, and other professionals working with statistics for SDGs.

Background documents

23713 _ Call for papers _ 364683 _ English _ 773 _ 349071 _ pdf
23713 _ Provisional programme _ 365514 _ English _ 773 _ 349079 _ pdf

Session 1: Data transmission including SDMX and automation

24873 _ WP.1 - Automated data transmission across UNECE _ 365609 _ English _ 773 _ 349297 _ pdf
24873 _ CN.1 - Pilot on Data and Metadata Transmission to the SDG Data Lab _ 365613 _ English _ 773 _ 349300 _ pdf

Session 2: Discrepancies between national and regional/global data

Session 3: Identifying needs and priorities for capacity development in countries