UNUnited Nations Economic Commission for Europe

Working Party on Agricultural Quality Standards


Specialized Section on Standardization of Seed Potatoes (GE.6):
International workshop on seed potatoes for countries of Africa and the Middle East
and Meeting of the Extended Bureau, 16 - 19 March, Cairo, Egypt


     Event announcement ENG
     Programme ENG
     Report and list of participants ENG
     Potato sector in the region ENG
     UNECE quality standards ENG
     UNECE seed potatoes standard ENG
     UNECE standard within a broader framework ENG
     Potato production in Africa ENG
     Variety registration in Egypt ENG
     Egyptian seed potato imports ENG
     Seed potato production in Egypt by Daltex ENG
     Management of diseases ENG
     Epidemiology of potato diseases ENG
     Implementation of UNECE standard in Scotland ENG
     Seed potato certification in Egypt ENG
     Interpretation of UNECE standard for ware potatoes ENG
     Egyptian potato exports to EU ENG
     Seed potato production in Egypt by Agrofood ENG
Extended Bureau meeting  
     Agenda ENG
     Tuber moth (GE.6/BUR/2009/2) ENG
     Non-compliance (GE.6/BUR/2009/3) ENG
     Crop inspection (GE.6/BUR/2009/4) ENG
     Post-harvest tests (GE.6/BUR/2009/5) ENG
     Varietal identity (GE.6/BUR/2009/6) ENG
     Restructuring of Working Party ENG
     Report (GE.6/BUR/2009/7) ENG
     Post-session documents  
     Tuber moth (GE.6/BUR/2009/2) - Revised ENG
     Non-compliance (GE.6/BUR/2009/3) - Revised ENG
     Crop inspection (GE.6/BUR/2009/4) - Revised ENG
     Post-harvest tests (GE.6/BUR/2009/5) - Revised doc
     Varietal identity (GE.6/BUR/2009/6) - Revised ENG