UNUnited Nations Economic Commission for Europe
Working Party on Agricultural Quality Standards


Fifty-eighth Session of the
Specialized Section on Standardization of Dry and Dried Produce (GE.2)
27 - 30 June 2011



Documents not yet available in all three official languages are posted on this website as advance copies. As such they are unofficial and for information purposes only.

In-session documents
ECE/TRADE/C/WP.7/GE.2/2011/1 Annotated provisional agenda ENG FRE RUS
ECE/TRADE/C/WP.7/GE.2/2011/2 Draft proposed Standard for Dried Apples   FRE  
ECE/TRADE/C/WP.7/GE.2/2011/3 Draft proposed Standard for Cashew Kernels (see also documents below with *)        
ECE/TRADE/C/WP.7/GE.2/2011/4 UNECE Standard for Dried Apricots (DDP-15: Dried Apricots) Proposal by the secretariat: Aligned Standard for Dried Apricots ENG    
ECE/TRADE/C/WP.7/GE.2/2011/5 UNECE Standard for Dried Figs: Proposal by the secretariat: Aligned Standard for Dried Figs ENG    
ECE/TRADE/C/WP.7/GE.2/2011/6 Draft proposed Standard for Whole Dried Chilli Peppers        
ECE/TRADE/C/WP.7/GE.2/2011/7 Draft proposed Standard for Brazil Nut Kernels        
ECE/TRADE/C/WP.7/GE.2/2011/8 Draft proposed Standard for Pine Nuts        
ECE/TRADE/C/WP.7/GE.2/2011/9 Draft proposed Standard for Dried Mangoes ENG    
ECE/TRADE/C/WP.7/GE.2/2011/10 Sampling and inspection procedure for dry and dried produce        
Informal documents
ECE/TRADE/C/WP.7/GE.2/2011/INF.1 Proposal by France: Standard Layout - FRE -
ECE/TRADE/C/WP.7/GE.2/2011/INF.2 Proposal by France: UNECE Standard for Dates - FRE -
ECE/TRADE/C/WP.7/GE.2/2011/INF.3 Proposal by the United States concerning GE.1 and GE.2 meeting schedule ENG - -
ECE/TRADE/C/WP.7/GE.2/2010/INF.7 AFI Specifications for Cashew Kernels* ENG - -
  Post -session draft standard for cashew kernels, June 2010* ENG - -
Reference documents
ECE/TRADE/C/WP.7/2010/16 Report of the Working Party ENG - -
ECE/TRADE/C/WP.7/2010/15 Dried Pears - Recommendation ENG FRE RUS
DDP-14 Dried Figs ENG FRE RUS
DDP-15 Dried Apricots ENG FRE -
DDP-16 Dried Apples ENG FRE RUS
DDP-17 Cashew Kernels ENG FRE RUS

List of participants


Report of the session