UNUnited Nations Economic Commission for Europe
Working Party on Agricultural Quality Standards


Specialized Section on Standardization of Meat
14th Session, 11-15 April 2004, Geneva


1. Adoption of the agenda TRADE/WP.7/GE.11/2005/1
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Matters of interest TRADE/WP.7/GE.11/2005/2
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Issues concerning existing standards (Bovine, Ovine, Chicken, Llama/Alpaca) TRADE/WP.7/GE.11/2005/3
Draft Revision of the UNECE Standard for Porcine Meat Carcases and Cuts

Chapter 1-4

Chapter 5 Part I

Chapter 5 Part II
TRADE/WP.7/GE.11/2005/4 (United States)
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TRADE/WP.7/GE.11/2005/5 (United States)
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TRADE/WP.7/GE.11/2005/5/Add.1 (United States)
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INF.2 Revised Consolidated text English only

INF.4 UNSPSC Codes English only

INF.6 Comments from Russia English only

INF.7 Coding presentation United States English only

INF.8 Coding white paper United States English only

INF.9 GS1 Letter English only

INF.10 GS1 UNSPSC Codes English only
5. Proposal for a UNECE Standard for Goat Meat - Carcases and Cuts
Chapter 1- 4
Chapter 5
TRADE/WP.7/GE.11/2005/6 (United States)
TRADE/WP.7/GE.11/2005/7 (United States)
6. Proposal for a UNECE Standard for Turkey Meat - Carcases and Parts
Draft chapters 1-5
TRADE/WP.7/GE.11/2005/8 (United States)
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TRADE/WP.7/GE.11/2005/9 (United States)
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INF.3 Consolidated text (identical with 2005/8 and 2005/9) English only

INF.5 Comments from the European Commission English only
Standard for livestock TRADE/WP.7/GE.11/2005/10 (Australia)
Cooperation with the World Customs Organization  
Implementation activities/ traceability/ trade mark  
10. Future work
(a) Information on work on other meats (e.g. veal, variety, fancy meats)
(b) Color chips/marketing cards
(c) Pilot study on implementation of the bovine standard
(d) Products with added ingredients and size reduction
(e) Standards for Fish
TRADE/WP.7/GE.11/2005/11 (Australia)

TRADE/WP.7/GE.11/2005/12 (Secretariat)
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INF.1 (Secretariat) French only
  Preparation of the meetings of rapporteurs and the next session of the Specialized Section  
  Preparation of the 61st session of the Working Party on Agricultural Quality Standards  
  Other business  
14. Election of officers  
Adoption of the report TRADE/WP.7/GE.11/2005/13
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