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Third Meeting of the Expert Group on the Transboundary Water Allocation Handbook

20 - 21 October 2020

(by videoconference)

The Programme of Work for 2019-2021 under the Water Convention, adopted by Meeting of the Parties at its eighth session (Nur-Sultan, 10-12 October 2018), includes Programme Area 3 on Promoting an integrated and intersectoral approach to water management at all levels, which aims, among others to “support the development of equitable and sustainable transboundary arrangements on water allocation, and, to this end, increase understanding and knowledge of the criteria, mechanisms, tools and good practices for water allocation in transboundary basins and aquifers”.

The Expert Group, which is comprised of nominated individuals with relevant expertise in water allocation, met via video conference for the third time to provide strategic advice and inputs for the development of a Handbook on Transboundary Water Allocation. 
Current working drafts of the Handbook chapters were presented based on the feedback received during the second Expert Group meeting. Discussions and feedback helped to further refine the main content elements and reference to illustrative case studies. 
A working draft of the Handbook’s Main Messages were also brainstormed for further elaboration. 
The drafting team and Water Convention secretariat will now further develop the main Handbook content chapters in order to complete the first full draft by early 2021.

This was a closed video conference meeting not open to the general public.


4734 _ Agenda _ 350859 _ English _ 773 _ 316133 _ pdf